COVID-19 Impact on Electrostatic Precipitator in Semiconductors and Electronics Industry

COVID-19 Impact on Electrostatic Precipitator in Semiconductors and Electronics Industry

  • Semiconductors and Electronics
  • Sep 29, 2020

COVID-19 Impact on Electrostatic Precipitator in Semiconductors and Electronics Industry

The pandemic situation created by COVID-19 has impacted heavily on the electrostatic precipitators market. This was mostly due to lockdowns and curfews which brought many manufacturing plants to shut down their ongoing operations temporarily. Epicenter from China to almost every country around the world, this pandemic has resulted in serious heat on the various businesses.

Unavailability of the vaccine till the date has extended the lockdown period in many countries as currently lockdown and social distancing are the prominent solutions for the countries to stay safe. Lockdown implied by the authorities for the safety and to control down the spread but human life as well as the world economy, automotive sector, manufacturing sector and others. It also impacted the metal plants, ports and others as all the facilities were closed, which is the main factor behind the slow market growth.

Due to less time of operational machinery and less production, demand for the electrostatic precipitators, and its business has affected as and reduced to almost zero. Although, some grants in permissions provided by the governments to operate the plants with several safety measures; it created an opportunity for the market to support the manufacturing plant operations. Resumption of operations and to improve the production efficiency electrostatic precipitators market is experiencing rising demand in terms of maintenance or purchase of refurbished ESPs by manufacturing plants.

To meet the increased production target with limited resources is a difficult task for the manufacturers to ease operations for better productivity, and electrostatic precipitators have a good opportunity in the market amidst pandemic situation. Market players are mostly adopting the electrostatic precipitator’s maintenance and repair services for smooth and proper work operations.

The pandemic situation created both an opportunity and threat for the electrostatic precipitators as due to lockdowns and curfews various businesses were struggling to run its operations with financial and workforce capacity. Electrostatic precipitators are considered to be a costly system for installation which creates major threat for the market during and after the pandemic for a time being.

On the other hand, in the factories, hospitals or large power plants the importance of electrostatic precipitators is intensified in the wake of COVID-19 which can create opportunity for the market. Apart from maintenance of ESPs, manufacturers are now opting for refurbished ESPs over freshly manufactured ESPs.

For instance,

  • In August 2020, Nebraska, a state of the U.S. has extended the date for opening day of bids for refurbished ESPs due to COVID-19 pandemics.


COVID-19 had major hit on the manufacturing industry as most of countries stopped its production plants in the first quarter of year. To reduce the spread of Coronavirus disease, governments of respective countries implemented stringent distancing regulations in first quarter such as shutdown of production and sale of non-essential goods, stoppage on national & international trade and many others. Only business which are coming under essential services were allowed to operate.

The market players such as chemical, pharmaceutical, food and others were allowed for operating their respective facilities with several precautionary and safety rules, so as to increase production capabilities. Now at current period where more than half year is ended, the government is taking initiative to support the economy by allowing the manufacturing operations to start by following social distancing practices.

The manufacturing plants are resuming operations with the limited workforce that is creating major problems in supply chain for the market. To correct production in response to demand, electrostatic precipitators are being refurbished and sold. Ensuring the safety at work and to improve the output efficiency, market players are adopting the electrostatic precipitators consulting, maintenance and other services. Importance of electrostatic precipitators has increased for manufacturing businesses, power plants and hospitals.


There is positive and negative impact of the COVID-19 disease on market as it lowered its demand and at the same has even created opportunity to increase their services for enhancing the plant performance. There are several strategies which can help the market players to increase their presence and market share in the industry.

To Offer Virus Curing Solutions for Market

Market players are proposing ESP theories to cure Coronavirus.

For instance,

  • In April 2020, Air Labs, a company based in London proposed use of ESP for filtering air and prevent the spread of Coronavirus.


There is major demand for the maintenance services as customers want to assure plant performance along with increased production. The electrostatic precipitator’s market players are focused towards the development of new solution to help both the customers and government to overcome the pandemic situation created by the Coronavirus. New solutions are getting developed using the natural and renewable energy source to lower the consumption of fossil fuels and pollution generation.


The pandemic situation created by COVID-19 has created a major impact on the electrostatic precipitators market as it has lowered the demand and sale owing to the shutdown of manufacturing facilities till the first half of the year 2020.

On the other hand, the potential of the solution to overcome the increased demand for energy by hospitals, laboratories and others are supporting the market growth. To improve production capabilities in essential services providing facilities, device manufacturing, and other industries is creating the opportunity to grow. After the minimization of the lockdown impact and by providing permission for the production facilities to run their respective operations, the market is supposed to gain smooth growth.


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