COVID-19 Impact on Integral Water Proofing Compound in Chemical and Materials Industry

COVID-19 Impact on Integral Water Proofing Compound in Chemical and Materials Industry

  • Chemical and Materials
  • Nov 19, 2020

COVID-19 Impact on Integral Water Proofing Compound in Chemical and Materials Industry 

Waterproofing compound is available in powder form also use full for all types of concrete to prevent water penetration and provides concrete with long-lasting waterproofing property.

In the construction industry, each dealer has predicted the crises that will occur due to the pandemic situations that the COVID-19 is generating globally in the construction gas market but COVID-19 has a mixed pattern situation for the construction companies in developing countries. The jumbled situation can be examined as we can see that demand for Tanks, Basement Walls, Reservoirs, Roofs, Inspection-Pits, Cast stone Swimming Bath, Floors, Sewage Works, Cellars, Walls, Garage Pits will increase dramatically. At the same time, demand for other goods that are not used on a more frequent basis has decreased as a result of lock-ups in the various regions. For the product ranges sold by manufacturers/dealers, the effect of COVID-19 on the construction industry can be seen.

The construction industry has face crises due to the coronavirus which has come out from China and spread all over the countries. All the regions have to take strict action towards the pausing of the increasing count of the coronavirus cases which leads to the lockdown in several regions. Hence, resulting in less demand for the waterproofing compound materials in the regions. The coronavirus crisis is affecting a wide range of energy markets which construction industry severe because of lockdown in regions is stopping people and goods from import and export.   


Even in several countries construction activities have been impacted drastically due to the negative impact of the spread of the coronavirus impacted the workforce ability. The construction is affected such as restrictions to public transportation and the closure of schools, child care facilities, and businesses. Many construction companies, site owners and contractors are already implementing travel bans for employees or travel restrictions on those workers originating from high-risk states. The progression of some projects will inevitably be impeded by a shortage of skilled labor the construction projects are not able to complete at a given period. The decline in the growth of the building and construction industry leads to a decline in the cement industry.

The spread of coronavirus which was originated in China has started impacting ongoing building and construction projects. With the increasing number of corona cases in the different countries engineers and workers are not reporting at the construction sites. In the building and construction industry, the presence of more workforces is important to complete the construction project in a given time. COVID-19 has resulted in a halt in the construction industry as due to the lockdown most of the construction sites are running at half of our usual working run rate due to the increasing fear about the coronavirus infection in engineers and workers which resulted in attendance at less than 70%.

COVID-19 has also impacted the cement manufacture in all the regions as several components and other materials are used in the production of different kinds of cement which are in different activities for the construction are facing the shortage of the raw material for the production of cement. The demand for cement and product related to cement has also fallen due to lower construction activities in the region. The construction of residential has fallen in the lockdown period. The main demand for the cement is dependent on residential construction which has fallen by approx. 60% in developing countries have resulted in lower demand for cement in the market due to which cement industry has a very steady growth rate and this will continue for some years until the demand for the residential construction increases in the countries. With the increasing spread of coronavirus more restrict action is taken which is affecting the industries as a due to declining in capacity utilization by the manufactures is affecting the ability of cement manufacturers and not able to sustain at the current price level. With fallen demand from residential construction, the demand for cement has also fallen by 45-50% which has resulted in a decline in cement prices in different regions. The import and export from the different regions have fallen due to which demand of the cement has fallen.


Government and higher authority of several regions have made several rule and regulation and code of conducts which have to be followed by all the industries in the region. The lockdown rule is made by the government due to which construction industries have to face many challenges. Increasing COVID-19 cases in the countries' governments have also done the force majeure of the real estate sector due to which several real estate companies have to face losses during pandemic situations. The construction of government projects also goes on hold which lowers the demand for cement in the developing nation. The government is also helping the industries to lift up and in growth also. The government has issued several funds that will help in the cement industries' financial growth. Several construction projects will be started by the governments in the developing countries which will help to increase the demand for cement products in the region.   

  • In July 2020, BASF SE has anufactured and also  donated 4 metric tons of Ultramid B24 N-polymers to Ahmedabad Textile Industry’s Research Association (ATIRA) which helps to produce personal protective equipment (PPE) for the indian medical fraternity. These step taken by the BASF SE its also help to Indian Govt to fight against COVID-19 situatuion.
  • In July 2020, BASF SE donate RS 31.2 million to Indian Govertment These fund also very help full for indian people to fight against the novel crona virus. These donation as help to creat a market image in indian market
  • In July 2020, Arkema has set a production line palnt in Geneseo Town in New York city these palnt has help to produce 38,000 liters hand sanitize for New York people. This step taken by company it’s a huge help to fight against Covid 19 situation.
  • In March 2020, SikaAG had Produce 35,000 liters of hand sanitize and manufacture near arund 50,000 masks which help to protect crona virus. These initiative taken by company its help to creat better image in market and also help to attaract the counsumer.

Through adopting different strategies such as growing manufacturing efficiency, new product launches, and product distribution, the manufacturers seek to achieve optimal market development. The exponential growth of industrial gasin sectors such as electrical distributions is projected to provide attractive prospects for key market players. This is anticipated that variables such as the locations for distribution and sales can help boost the overall position of the business. Small domestic players and especially emerging players in developed countries are likely to obtain opportunities to position themselves in the market place. 


The impact of the halt in work has increased the direct bearing of losses on the company revenues, jobs and project delays. The government has also taken many steps for the upliftment of the cement industry as many funds have been opened for the workers and the manufacturers which will increase the demand for the cement products in the construction activity.

The government has also initiated construction projects which will increase the employment generation in all the regions. Most of the countries are importing their cement products from China and other countries and the restriction in the export and import of goods from one country to another is widely impacting the cement industry. The increase in government initiatives and increases workforce in the industry will help to increases the market growth in the future.

Several manufactures closed the factory due to heavy losses. Companies are making the strategic action to increase the demand of the on integral waterproofing compound in the construction industry and to increase the price so to earn revenue and government also helping the manufactures by making policies which help manufacture to maintain stability.

Many manufacturers are adopting new technologies to gain profit and turns down the situation in their favor. Most of the countries are importing their construction materials from China and other countries and due to the restriction in the export and import of goods from one country to another is widely impacting the construction activities. The increase in government initiatives and increases workforce in the industry will help to increases the market growth in the future.




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