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Memories are Stored in the Brain: A Theory

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  • Apr 23, 2021

Memories are like signals which are present in a corner or there is a particular area in the brain that acts as a storage area. Now researchers have led to a new development of the MeshCODE theory, this theory has the full potential of understanding the pattern of memory. The function of memory is a very complex thing and to decode it with a help of software is a bit difficult as this is a revolutionary step in the field of discovery. This discovery can help find some unanswered questions and this discovery can be also helpful in the understanding of brain functioning. The brain is very complex and there are lots of connections among neurons. There is some brain disease that is not detected easily so through this discovery we will be able to find new treatments for brain diseases such as Alzheimer's.  

 A paper was published by frontiers in Molecular Neuroscience and   the description of this theory was published. Dr. Ben Goult from Kent’s School of Biosciences describes how his new theory process and how it can be a revolutionary change in the biomedical field. There are many things which are explained by his theory. The study describes that the brain acts as an organic supercomputer that can do multiple things at one time and this computer which is considered as a brain works on a complex binary code with neuronal cells working as a mechanical computer, the brain has different abilities which can be automatically enabled sometimes. He can explain some additional features with the help of this theory such that there are switches through which different functions are controlled on a simple interface and there is a very vast network of information storing memory molecules operating at different periods.

There are lots of synapses of the brain on which these switches perform their desired position and it represents a complex binary code and these codes are very unique as decoded by the receptors. This proofs and identifies that the brain does have a physical space where all the data is stored in the form of signals and chemicals and this whole thing suggest that memories are written in the shape of molecules and the molecules don’t have a definite shape and it is called as synaptic scaffolds. This whole theory is based on the discovery of protein molecules known as Talin.