Global Animal Antibiotics and Antimicrobials Market is Growing at a Significant Rate in the Forecast Period 2018-2025

Global Animal Antibiotics and Antimicrobials Market According to Data Bridge Market Research new Market report, “By Product Type (Tetracycline, Penicillin, Sulfonamide, Macrolide, Cephalosporin, and Fluoroquinolone), By Mode of Delivery (Premixes, Oral Powder, Injection Segments), By Animal Type (Food-Producing Animals { Cattle, Pigs, Poultry, Sheep, Goats, Other Food-Producing Animals}, Companion { Dogs, Cats, Horses, Other Companion Animals}),  By Geography (North America, South America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Africa )- Industry Trends and Forecast to 2025

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Global Animal Antibiotics and Antimicrobials Market

Animal Antibiotics and Antimicrobials are used in animals which contribute to the emergence of antimicrobial resistance in bacteria that may be transferred to humans, thereby reducing the effectiveness of antimicrobial drugs for treating human disease. Antibiotics are the class of antimicrobials widely used for the treatment of bacterial infection. Macrolides, tetracycline, quinolones, penicillin, cephalosporin, sulphonamides and amino glycosides are different animal antimicrobials and antibiotics types. Tetracycline, which is an important raw material for antibiotics, has witnessed rapid growth in the recent past. In the recent the demand for penicillin based antibiotics is increasing. Antibiotics either kill or suppress the growth of bacteria by inhibiting the cell wall & protein synthesis.

According to the news release, in July 2018, Archer Daniels Midland Company has sign an agreement to acquire Probiotics International Ltd., a U.K.-based provider of probiotic supplements for human, pet and production-animal use.

Segmentation: Global Animal Antibiotics and Antimicrobials Market

The global market for animal antibiotics and antimicrobials by the following sub-categories is presented

  • By Product Type

    • Tetracycline
    • Penicillin
    • Sulfonamide
    • Macrolide
    • Cephalosporin
    • Fluoroquinolone

  • By Mode of Delivery

    • Premixes
    • Oral Powder
    • Injection Segments

  • By Animal Type

    • Food-Producing Animals

      • Cattle
      • Pigs
      • Poultry
      • Sheep
      • Goats
      • Other Food-Producing Animals

    • Companion

      • Dogs
      • Cats
      • Horses
      • Other Companion Animals

  • By Geography

    • North America
    • South America
    • Europe
    • Asia-Pacific
    • Middle East and Africa


Increasing incidences of zoonotic diseases:

There are various types of zoonotic diseases reported worldwide, these are Animal influenza, Avian influenza, Bovine tuberculosis, Brucellosis, Cat scratch fever, Cysticercosi, Cryptosporidiosis, Enzootic abortion, Erysipeloid, Fish tank granuloma, Campylobacter, Hydatid disease, rabies, Rat bite fever (Haverhill fever), Toxocariasis, Zoonotic diphtheria.                       

According to world health organization, At least 55 000 people are dying of rabies in Asia and Africa. More than 50 000 cases of human brucellosis were diagnosed in only eight countries located south and east of the Mediterranean Sea in 2003. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, bovine tuberculosis represents around 2.0%, of the total number of cases of TB disease in the United States.

According to the world health organization, rabies is a vaccine-preventable viral disease and it occurs in more than 150 countries and territories. 40.0% of people bitten by suspect rabid animals are children under 15 years of age. Out of all the deaths due to rabies, around 95.0% of death cases due to rabies are reported in Asia and Africa region and this number is expected to increase in future. Every year, more than 15 million people worldwide receive a post-bite vaccination.

Hence with the increase in the prevalence and cases of zoonotic diseases, the global animal antibiotics and antimicrobials market is expected to grow with a healthy rate in future.

Growing demand for pet insurance and rising animal health expenditure:

Expenses related to the prevention and control of rabies in Asia and Africa is around USD 590 million per year. Echinococcosis is a parasitic disease of tapeworms of the Echinococcus type. According to an article published on pet life today, In Unites states, the animal healthcare expenditure in 2016 was around USD 69.36 billion. Over the counter medicine for animals was accounted for USD 30 billion in United States in U.S.

According to Statista, the animal health care expenditure in 2017 in U.S. was around USD 40 billion and it is expected to increase to USD 46 billion by 2021. 

Hence with this increase in animal health care expenditure throughout the world and in United Sates, the global animal antibiotics and antimicrobials market is expected to achieve an inclining growth in future.

Some of the major market players in this market are Zoetis, Boehringer Ingelheim International GmbH, Eli Lilly and Company, Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp, Bayer AG, Sanofi, Ceva, Virbac group, Vetoquinol S.A, Dechra Pharmaceuticals PLC, Phibro Animal Health Corporation, Merial, Elanco, Virbac, Medfly Healthcare Pvt.Ltd, IDEXX Laboratories, Inc,

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