Global Polyolefin Foam Market: Polyolefin Foam Applications Contributing for Better Living Standard


Global Polyolefin Foam Market

Polyolefin is a kind of a polymer which is usually non-polor, odorless and non- porous. These are usually made from the substances which have high carbon content such as coal, natural gas and oil. These materials are widely used in food packaging, consumer goods, plastics and industrial products. Polyolefin foams are formed when different kind of material are moulded together. Organic blowing agents and cross-linking agent are usually involved in this and together they create polyolefin resin. Any compound which is formed from an olefin as monomer is considered as polyolefin. Polystyrene foam, melamine foam, PVC foam, phenolic foam are some of the common types of the foam. They are usually very light weight and are not costly. They are used in the interior of the airplane and also constructed structure because of their ability to decrease the noise pollutions.

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The major factors boosting the market growth are:

  • ·         Improvement in standard of living and rise in per capita income: As we know that people are shifting towards urban areas and is adopting new changes in the societies. In 2018, around 55% of the total world population lives in urban areas. So, as people are shifting toward the urban areas, there are more construction activities going on because they want place to live. There is also rise in the per capita income of the people because they require good sum of income so that they can maintain their living standards and enjoy the facilities which are available. So, there is increase in automotive, furniture and bedding, building and construction activities which is factor fueling the demand for polyolefin foam
  • ·         Diversified range of applications of these foams: Polyolefin foams are usually smooth and flexible, and have high chemical, water and thermal resistant. They are affordable in price and are light in weight due to which they are used in wide range of applications. They are used in cushioning, automobile, architecture, packaging and others. They are also used in building and other construction structures because they have ability to reduce noise pollution

Global polyolefin foam market is segmented as type which is further segmented as polystyrene foam, phenolic foam, melamine foam, PVC foam, polyurethane foam and application which is segmented as building & construction, packaging, automotive, furniture & bedding and others.

  • ·         In January 2017, SABIC announced the launch of their new SABIC LDPE HP0824NDF which is a low density polyethylene foam grade. They usually have high viscosity, high resin density and good compression capability. They are lightweight because they are made from the different production process such as cross- linking process, physical foam extrusion and bun process. This will help the company to improve their physical properties and formability of polymer.
  • ·         In October 2013, Zotefoams announced the launch of their new of line of Euroclass B rated products such as LD15 FM 20, LD15 FR 30 and MP15 FR 40. The Euroclass system which is the new fire regulation system for the construction market. These ranges have the thickness about 40mm and have good thermal insulation properties because of their low density. These are very beneficial for ducting, wall and ceiling insulation and for the air conditioning.

“According to Data Bridge Market Research, global polyolefin foam market is growing at a substantial CAGR of 5.2% during the forecast period of 2018 to 2025”

Some of the major players operating in the polyolefin foam market are - SEKISUI CHEMICAL CO.LTD, Palziv , SABIC,  Armacell  Enterprise GmbH & Co. KG, Johnson Controls (U.S.), Woodbridge Foam Corporation, Lear Corporation, Bridgestone Corporation, BASF, Recticel, Vitafoams, Armacell, The Dow Chemical Company, Rogers, and Saint-Gobain among Others.

Toughness, cushioning, electrical and thermal insulation, chemical resistance and flexibility are some of the quality of the polyolefin which are in demand and due to which it has a wide application. As, construction and building activities are increasing worldwide due to urbanization, there is increase in the demand for the polyolefin foams.