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Polytan GmbH, Dow and Italgreen Spa are Dominating in the Europe Artificial Turf Market in 2021

Europe Artificial Turf Market is expected to grow with the CAGR of 18.5% in the forecast period of 2021 to 2028. The years considered for study are as mentioned below:

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Europe artificial turf market is a highly consolidated market, which includes specific number of key players as well as local players. The market has witnessed increased strategic developments owing to favourable market scenario.

The major players dealing in Europe artificial turf market are introducing strong range of product portfolio. This has helped the companies to maximize the sales with enhanced product portfolio. For instance, in March 2019, Nurteks are delighted to report that the International Hockey Federation has approved the company as a FIH Seller. With this certification, the company expand its presence for the hockey ground turf for the ground under International Hockey Federation. 

Polytan GmbH is dominating in the Europe artificial turf market. The other key players existing in the artificial turf market includes Tarkett Group, Victoria PLC, SYNLAWN ARTIFICIAL GRASS, SpectraTurf, Inc., Italgreen Spa, Dow, Royal Grass, SIS Pitches, Condor Group, Act Global, Nurteks, LIMONTA SPORT S.p.A., TenCate Grass, CCGrass among others.

Europe Artificial Turf Market

Polytan GmbH:

Polytan GmbH is headquartered in Burgheim, Germany and was founded in 1969. The company is engaged in manufacturing of artificial surfaces of high-speed tracks, all-weather courts, tennis, handball and shock-absorbent surfaces as well as synthetic turf systems for football, hockey, rugby and multifunctional playing fields. The company provides wide range of products under categories such as turf, sports surfaces and extras out of which turf is the market focused category.

For instance,

  • In November 2019, Polytan GmbH releases wide range in renewable technology product, including particularly sustainable products. The procurement of a raw material from manufacturing, deployment, service and repair through disposal and recycling requires all life-cycle processes of a commodity into account. The goal is to introduce the product portfolio, phase by stage, technologies that are environmentally friendly and pass on to Green Technology in the long run, so that the development and long-life of synthetic turf structures, tartan paths and soft-impact surfaces will not have to experience any consistency loss.

The company has presence in Germany.


Dow is headquartered in Michigan, U.S. and was incorporated in 2018. The company is engaged in the manufacturing and commercializing wide range of products including chemical, automation and agriculture across the world. The company has multiple business segments such as packaging & specialty plastics, industrial intermediates & infrastructure and performance materials & coatings among which industrial intermediates & infrastructure is the market focused segment. The company provides wide range of products under categories such as additives and modifiers, adhesives and sealants, amines and chelants, conductive materials, elastomers and plastomers, emulsions, fluids, blends and dispersions, foam control agents, gels, encapsulants and conformal coatings, lubricants, heat transfer and deicing fluids, monomers, optical materials, plastic additives, polyethylene, polyurethanes, release coatings and agents, resins, binders and film formers, silanes and siliconates, solvents and glycols, specialty polymers and compounds, surfactants, emulsifiers and polyglycols, waxes and powders out of which polyethylene is the market focused category.

For instance,

  • In May 2020, Dow recently announce the new constructed PCR plastic resin designed for shrink film sticking applications in Asia-Pacific which has been developed and commercialised, the latest resin is engineered to achieve a film output equivalent to that of traditional resins with 40 percent PCR material. The drug, XUS 60921.01, is produced with recycled plastics obtained domestically through strategic recycling partner Dow's in Nanjing, China. This latest resin leads to a circular plastics system, but without losing the efficiency of brand owners and customers.

The company has wide global presence across the world as in Americas, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Middle East and Africa with its various subsidiaries such as Dow Chemical Taiwan Limited (Taiwan), Rofan Services LLC (Delaware), Rohm and Haas Colombia Ltda (Colombia), Siam Polystyrene Company Limited (Thailand), Santa Vitoria Acucar e Alcool Ltda. (Brazil) among others.

Italgreen Spa:

Italgreen Spa is headquartered in Bergamo, Italy and was founded in 1983. The company is engaged in the manufacturing and installation of the artificial turf for the playground of football, rugby/ American football, tennis, padel, golf and hockey. The company provides wide range of products such as DMD, double 4, green 2000 HD, lesmo 3S, stadium HD, XTEN and landscape out of which DMD, double 4, green 2000 HD, lesmo 3S, stadium HD and XTEN are the market focused products.

For instance,

  • In September 2014, Italgreen Spa company concluding a major partnership agreement with the Boavista, which resulted in significant stadium maintenance intervention built by Italgreen Spa in 2009. Five years later Italgreen Spa once again proved the ground breaking equipment abilities and completed work on refurbishing the cloak. The GEOFILL, its innovative structure, renders the playground much more beautiful with the first beautiful infill for artificial turf mantles.

The company has wide presence in Europe.


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