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Aug, 16 2022

Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen Gmbh and Hitachi Abb Power Grids are Dominating the Global Hollow Core Insulator Market in the Year 2020

The Global Hollow Core Insulator Market is expected to grow with a CAGR of 4.9% in the forecast period of 2021 to 2028. The years considered for the study are as mentioned below.

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The global hollow core insulator market is a highly fragmented market, which includes a number of key players as well as local players. The market has witnessed increased strategic developments owing to favorable market scenarios.

The major players dealing in the global used car market are introducing a strong range of product portfolios. This helped companies to maximize sales with an enhanced product portfolio.

For instances,

  • In November 2019, Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen Gmbh & Grasim Industries Limited had signed an agreement to form the manufacturing and sale of composite hollow core insulators to serve the power transmission and distribution industry globally. According to the agreement, Aditya Birla Power Composites Limited will set up a state-of-the-art CHCI manufacturing plant in India. With this, the company will serve the insulator requirements of global OEMs in the power equipment industry and help them to enhance their product proposition for utilities worldwide


The company was founded in 1886, and its headquarter is located in Regensburg, Germany. The company is a global energy supplier and deals with extensive services and products of high voltage devices and systems. Their product categories, as well as business segments, include on-load tap-changers, de-energized tap-changers, sensors, transformer automation, voltage regulators, monitoring systems, drivers, oil filter unit, retrofit products, MESSKO transformer accessories,  power quality, E-mobility, hollow composite insulators,  transformer services, digital solutions. Their market-focused category is hollow core insulators.

For instance,

  • In October 2017, Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen Gmbh expanded their business line for hollow core insulators in France for high voltage applications. The general trend of increasingly replacing ceramic insulators with composite insulators is creating market growth which has led to tentative plans to expand both the Regensburg location as well as capacity in France. It also helped the company to open up extensive market access across the world for hollow core insulators

The company offers services in North America, South America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Africa.


The company was founded in 1988, and its headquarter is located in Zurich, Switzerland. The company serves utility, industry, and infrastructure customers across the value chain and emerging areas like sustainable mobility, smart cities, energy storage, and data centers. Their business segments include IT, energy, industry, mobility, smart life, automotive systems, construction machinery, and Hitachi metals, where the market-focused category is energy.

  • In August 2021, Hitachi ABB Power Grids had announced a step for a sustainable energy future and entering the transmission voltage level with its Econi eco-efficient high-voltage portfolio. In October 2020, Lithia Motors, Inc. was recognized as the 'Best Dealerships to Work For in 2020' by Automotive News 2020. Automotive News has partnered with Best Companies Group to identify dealerships that have excelled in creating quality workplaces for the ninth year

The company offers services in North America, South America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Africa. The company operates its business via other subsidiaries such as ABB Power Grids Argentina S.A.U. (Argentina), ABB Power Grids Australia Pty Ltd (Australia), ABB Power Grids Brasil Ltda (Brazil), ABB Power Grids Canada Inc (Canada), and ABB Power System Co. Ltd. (China), among others.


The company was established in 1969, with its headquarter in Nagoya, Japan. The company deals with ceramic technology to expand their energy infrastructure business, ceramic products business, electronics business, and process technology business into the business domains of energy, ecology, and electronics. Their business segments include energy infrastructure, ceramics, electronics, process technology, where the market-focused category is energy infrastructure. Their product category includes energy storage systems, insulators, automotive ceramics business, special metals and mold products, C1 home-use water purifier, industrial process products, electronic components business, hi-performance ceramics business where energy infrastructure is the market-focused category.

  • In April 2021, NGK INSULATORS, LTD. had formulated the NGK Group environmental vision for 2050 and the fifth five-year environmental action plan as a five year initiative beginning in 2021. The company had set goals such as net zero volume of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by 2050. It had further helped the company to form a recycling-oriented society, thereby expanding their global footprint across the region
  • In May 2019,  NGK INSULATORS, LTD. had announced the award of the 4th (FY2018) Ceramics Grand Prize by the Ceramic Society of Japan based on high marks given to NGK's development and practical application of ceramics for purifying automotive exhaust. The Ceramics Grand Prize is presented to individuals in recognition of their original and innovative achievements for inventions, development, or practical applications in the ceramics industry or discoveries related to the science and technology of ceramics. It had helped the company to get recognized in the competitive market

The company offers services in North America, South America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Middle East & Africa and have subsidiaries such as NGK Electronics Devices (Japan), FM Industries, Inc. (U.S.), Locke Insulators, Inc (U.S.), NGK EUROPE GmbH (Germany) and NGK Ceramics Mexico, C.V. (Mexico) among others.

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