Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., Roper Technologies, and PerkinElmer Inc Dominated the Global Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) Market in 2022

Global Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) Market is expected to grow with the CAGR of 9.3% in the forecast period of 2022 to 2029. The years considered for study are as mentioned below.

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Global laboratory information management systems (LIMS) market is a highly fragmented market, which includes number of key players as well as local players. The market has witnessed increased strategic developments owing to favourable market scenario.

The major players dealing in the global laboratory information management systems (LIMS) market are introducing a wide range of products, which helps them maximize the sales.

For instance,

  • In June 2021, Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc introduced the new Thermo Scientific Freestyle 1.8 SP1 software that has been released to provide an advanced data visualization and qualitative analysis software solution for all Thermo Scientific Mass Spectrometry (MS) Instruments. The new software will help the company support customers evolving needs by offering laboratories with flexible and user-friendly workflows that provide data capture assurance.
  •  In October 2019, Roper Technologies, Inc. acquired Gatan, a developer of software for electron microscopes. This acquisition helped the company develop modern and advanced technological software that can diversify the product portfolio and help to improve the global footprint for the company.
  • In March 2021, Horizon Discovery, a PerkinElmer, Inc. subsidiary, announced the inclusion of a new family of CRISPR modulation (CRISPRmod) reagents for CRISPR interference (CRISPRi) in its gene editing and modulation portfolio. This will expand the gene editing and modulation portfolio, which will upgrade its product portfolio and expand its reach in the research sector.

Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) MarketThermo Fisher Scientific Inc.

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. was founded in 2006 and it’s headquarter is located in the U.S. The company is engaged in innovative services & solutions in different domains such as health care, academics, and industries. Its product categories include life science, industrial & applied science, clinical & diagnostics, lab solutions, digital solutions. Among these, digital solutions is the market focused category.

  • In June 2021, Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. at BIO Digital 2021 unveiled a new & quick clinic solution to assist biologic drug developers in accelerating preclinical development. This will help the company expedite the development of important medicines for patients by analysing and designing experimental tools for high throughput screening methodology.

The company offers services across America, Asia-Pacific, and Middle East & Africa.

Roper Technologies, Inc.

Roper Technologies, Inc. was founded in 1981 and its head quarter is located in the U.S. The company is engaged in design and development of software and engineered products along with developments of solutions for variety of niche markets. Its product categories include application software, network software & systems, measurement & analytical solutions and process technologies, among which application software is the market focused category.

  • In September 2020, Roper Technologies, Inc. announced the acquisition of Vertafore, a leading SaaS solutions provider. This acquisition helped the company to improve its offerings over SaaS solutions. Hence customers can be offered a variety of solutions with advanced technology and also diversify the product portfolio.

The company has presence across Europe, North America, Asia-Pacific, South America, and Middle East & Africa.

PerkinElmer Inc.

PerkinElmer Inc was established in 1937 with its headquarter in the U.S. The company is engaged in offering manufacturing of instruments, tests, software, and services related to science and healthcare. Its product categories include accessories, automation & liquid handling, consumables, informatics, instruments, OEM solutions, reagents, and software, among which informatics is the market focused category.

  • In April 2021, PerkinElmer, Inc. announced to provide and co-develop assays, instrument solutions and expertise for the PROXIDRUGS Consortium to research proximity drugs or PROTACs (PROteolysis Targeting Chimeras). This will help the company widen its protein research and products and develop its research database.

The company is present across Asia-Pacific, North America, South America, Middle East & Africa and Europe.