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Jan, 05 2024

Cool Refreshment: Exploring the Latest Trends and Innovations in Beverage Coolers for Refreshing Revelry

The U.S. beverage coolers market is a dynamic and evolving sector that caters to the increasing demand for convenient and efficient cooling solutions for beverages. These coolers cater to various industries, including hospitality, retail, and residential. Consumers are seeking advanced beverage coolers that offer superior performance. Manufacturers focus on developing energy-efficient and eco-conscious cooling technologies, aligning with consumers' preferences for environmentally responsible products. This emphasis on sustainability benefits the environment and appeals to conscious consumers, propelling the market forward as it continues to expand with innovative and eco-friendly beverage cooling options.

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Data Bridge Market Research analyses that the U.S. Beverage Coolers Market is expected to reach USD 512.24 million by 2030, which was USD 295.91 million in 2022, registering a CAGR of 7.10% during the forecast period of 2023 to 2030. Increasing demand for 200-500L beverage coolers is driven by the industry's need for energy-efficient, high-capacity units. As the food and beverage sector expands, alongside the growth of processing and distribution facilities, the market for these coolers is expected to surge. Consequently, the heightened demand for 200-500L beverage coolers contributes significantly to market growth.

Key Findings of the Study

U.S. Beverage Coolers Market

Expansion of the retail and food service Industry is expected to drive the market's growth rate

Expanding retail, restaurant, and convenience store sectors significantly increases the demand for beverage coolers, especially in bustling, high-traffic locations. As these businesses proliferate, efficient and strategically placed cooling solutions become paramount. Beverage coolers cater to the ever-growing consumer base seeking refreshments, making them indispensable assets for businesses aiming to provide convenience and a wide range of beverage options, thus intensifying their demand in these thriving commercial settings.

Report Scope and Market Segmentation

Report Metric


Forecast Period

2023 to 2030

Base Year


Historic Years

2021 (Customizable to 2015-2020)

Quantitative Units

Revenue in USD Million, Volumes in Units, Pricing in USD

Segments Covered

Capacity (Less than 200L, 200-500L, 500-1000L and More Than 1000L), Type (Freestanding, Built-in and Undercounter, Countertop, Dual Zone, Thermoelectric and Others), Temperature Zones (Single, Dual, Triple and Multi (4 Or More Zones)), Size (6 - 50 Bottle, 51 - 100 Bottle, 101 - 200 Bottle and More than 201 bottle), Cooler Height (28 to 32 Inch, 33 to 36 Inch, 38 to 56 Inch, Above 56 Inch), Number of Shelves (1 - 2 Shelves, 3 - 4 Shelves, 5 - 6 Shelves, 7 - 9 Shelves, 9 - 12 Shelves and More Than 13 Shelves), Shelves Material (Metal, Tempered Glass, Wood and Others), Finish (Blacks, Glass, Panel Ready, Silver Tones, Stainless Steel and Wood Finishes), Door Swing (French, Left Sid, Reversible, Right Side and Side by Side), Control Type (Digital, Electronic, Touch and Turn Knob), Distribution Channel (Specialty Stores, Supermarkets/Hypermarkets, E-Commerce and Others), Application (Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic), End-User (Residential, Commercial, BARS, Hotels and Restaurants, Lounges, Corporate Offices, Movie Theatres, Bookstores and Others)

Market Players Covered

AB Electrolux (publ) (Sweden), VIKING RANGE, LLC (U.S.), Haier lnc. (India), Perlick Corporation (U.S.), Danby (Canada), Climadiff (France), Frigoglass (Greece), Liebherr  (Switzerland), LG Electronics (South Korea), Panasonic Corporation (Japan), SAMSUNG (South Korea), Whirlpool Corporation (Japan), Honeywell International Inc., (U.S.),  Blue Star Limited (India), Voltas Inc, (India), Atlantis Products Pvt. Ltd. (India), Mistral Solutions Pvt. Ltd., (India), Midea Group (China), Alfred Kärcher SE & Co. KG (Germany), De’Longhi Appliances S.r.l. (Italy), Olimpia Splendid S.p.A. (Italy), FUJITSU GENERAL (Japan), Vista France (France), Royalsovereign, Inc. (U.S.), GREE ELECTRIC APPLIANCES, INC. (China)

Data Points Covered in the Report

In addition to the market insights such as market value, growth rate, market segments, geographical coverage, market players, and market scenario, the market report curated by the Data Bridge Market Research team includes in-depth expert analysis, import/export analysis, pricing analysis, production consumption analysis, and consumer behaviour.

Segment Analysis:

The U.S. beverage coolers market is segmented on the basis of capacity, type, temperature zones, size, cooler height, number of shelves, shelves material, finish, door swing, control type, distribution channel, application, and end-user.

  • On the basis of capacity, the U.S. beverage coolers market is segmented into less than 200L, 200-500L, 500-1000L, and more than 1000L
  • On the basis of type, the U.S. beverage coolers market is segmented into freestanding, built-in and undercounter, countertop, dual zone, thermoelectric, and others
  • On the basis of temperature zones, the U.S. beverage coolers market is segmented into single zone beverage coolers, dual zone beverage coolers, triple zone beverage coolers, and multi zone (4 or more zones) beverage coolers
  • On the basis of size, the U.S. beverage coolers market is segmented into 6 - 50 bottle, 51 - 100 bottle, 101 - 200 bottle and more than 201 bottle
  • On the basis of cooler height, the U.S. beverage coolers market is segmented into 28 to 32 inch, 33 to 36 inch, 38 to 56 inch and above 56 inch
  • On the basis of number of shelves, the U.S. beverage coolers market is segmented into 1 - 2 shelves, 3 - 4 shelves, 5 - 6 shelves, 7 - 9 shelves, 9 - 12 shelves and more than 13 shelves
  • On the basis of shelves material, the U.S. beverage coolers market is segmented into metal, tempered glass, wood, and others
  • On the basis of finish, the U.S. beverage coolers market is segmented into blacks, glass, panel ready, silver tones, stainless steel, and wood finishes
  • On the basis of door swing, the U.S. beverage coolers market is segmented into french door, left side door, reversible door, right side door, and side by side door
  • On the basis of control type, the U.S. beverage coolers market is segmented into digital, electronic, touch and turn knob
  • On the basis of distribution channel, the U.S. beverage coolers market is segmented into specialty stores, supermarkets/hypermarkets, e-commerce and others
  • On the basis of application, the U.S. beverage coolers market is segmented into segmented into alcoholic and non-alcoholic
  • On the basis of end-user, the U.S. beverage coolers market is segmented into residential, commercial, bars, hotels and restaurants, lounges, corporate offices, movie theatres, bookstores, and others

Major Players

Data Bridge Market Research recognizes the following companies as the major U.S. beverage coolers market players in U.S. beverage coolers market are Alfred Kärcher SE & Co. KG (Germany), De’Longhi Appliances S.r.l. (Italy), Olimpia Splendid S.p.A. (Italy), FUJITSU GENERAL (Japan), Vista France (France), Royalsovereign, Inc. (U.S.), GREE ELECTRIC APPLIANCES, INC. (China)

U.S. Beverage Coolers Market

Market Developments

  • In 2023, CoolTech, a prominent beverage cooler manufacturer, announced a strategic collaboration with EcoChill, a leader in sustainable refrigeration tech. Together, they introduced the "EcoCool Pro," an eco-friendly beverage cooler, aimed at reducing energy consumption. This innovative partnership not only promotes environmental responsibility but also strengthens CoolTech's position in the market, catering to the rising demand for sustainable cooling solutions
  • In 2022, Arla Foods announced a strategic move to increase sales of its ready-to-drink products in the Middle East, Asia, and Europe regions by announcing a significant $43 million investment. The investment aims to enhance production capabilities and expand distribution networks, aligning with the growing consumer demand for convenient and innovative beverage options. This financial commitment underscores Arla Foods' commitment to capturing market opportunities and reinforcing its position in key global markets
  • In 2022, Emirates Food Industries' subsidiary National Dairy launched the Hayatna line in the U.A.E, offering ready-to-consume dairy products. The product range encompasses long-life milk, fresh milk, flavored milk, laban, and yogurt. This introduction caters to diverse consumer preferences, providing a convenient and varied selection of dairy options in the U.A.E market. The expansion aims to meet the growing demand for on-the-go and quality dairy choices among consumers in the region
  • In 2022, Equator Advanced Appliances launched the WR 52, a cutting-edge Dual Zone 52-Bottle Wine Refrigerator. Packed with high-end features, it ensures optimal temperature conditions for all stored bottles and shields them from external factors, reflecting a commitment to preserving the quality and integrity of fine wines
  • In 2021, Zephyr, a renowned global provider of beverage storage solutions, launched the "Dual Zone Wine Cooler" and the "Preserve Single Zone Beverage Cooler" to the U.S. market. These innovations, crafted with state-of-the-art technology, excel in preserving wine and other alcoholic beverages. This launch is poised to significantly benefit the corporation, fostering growth by expanding its product portfolio and catering to diverse consumer preferences

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