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How Prediabetes Worsens your Overall Health:

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  • Apr 23, 2021

There are people who are suffering from diabetes higher than the normal sugar level. People with prediabetes may be linked with higher rate of disease. They might have higher risk of cognitive decline and vascular dementia. It might be possible that they don’t suffer from any kind of disease as it depends on quantity and magnitude of blood sugar level. Sometimes people have very strong cells so their regenerative property is very high and thus, might not be a huge problem. Researchers have analyzed data from different studies and found an outstanding result of the problem. Sometimes it happens that a scientist discover solutions by just looking over the problem.

The data is analyzed from UK Biobank of over 5 lakh people and how they have different types of disease as well. The age of these people vary with age and on an average the age of people were 58 years. Also, people who had higher level of blood pressure than normal were counted as 42% and more, and they were more likely to experience cognitive decline over an average of four years. On the other hand, there were 54% of people who were more likely to develop vascular dementia over an average rate of 8 years. But it is highly being analyzed that absolute rate of both the disease were low but in the coming future the count could go up.

Other factors which had been taken into account are age deprivation, smoking, BMI and whether or not participants had cardiovascular disease. Prediabetes can be very harmful as it may give rise to many disease such as hypertension and cardiovascular disease among others. These days the diet plans are also considered as one of the major key factor for developing a high end disease such as heart disease as consumption of junk food is increasing rapidly in today’s time. Sometimes, individual has high level of blood sugar but not high enough to be diagnosed with type-2 diabetes. Type-2 diabetes only occurs to people having multiple problems. According to a U.K. study, five to seven million people are dealing with prediabetes In conclusion, if a person doesn’t want to catch diabetes then she or he must take some prior precautions.