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Nov, 24 2023

Unlocking the Power of Phytonutrients: Nature's Healing Compounds for Optimal Health and Well-being

Europe is a continent known for its diverse range of phytonutrients, which are bioactive compounds found in plants. Phytonutrients, also known as phytochemicals, are bioactive compounds found in plants that contribute to their vibrant colors, flavors, and protective properties. They are essential components of a balanced diet and have gained popularity due to their potential to support overall well-being. The European market for phytonutrients encompasses a wide range of products, including fruits, vegetables, herbs, and botanical extracts, offering a diverse array of health-promoting compounds.

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Data Bridge Market Research analyses that the Europe Phytonutrients Market will grow at a CAGR of 6.7% from 2022 to 2029. Europe's aging population drives the demand for phytonutrient-rich products. Older individuals seek these natural remedies, believing they help maintain health and vitality while addressing age-related concerns. Phytonutrients are valued for their potential to support the overall well-being of the elderly, fueling their popularity among this demographic.

Key Findings of the Study

Europe Phytonutrients Market

Increasing demand for animal feed is expected to drive the market's growth rate

The increasing demand for animal feed is being driven by the need to meet the growing global demand for meat, particularly poultry products. Phytonutrients, used as antioxidants in animal feed, are crucial in promoting animal growth and bolstering their immune systems. These natural compounds protect animals from oxidative damage caused by free radicals. As the consumption of poultry meat continues to rise, the demand for phytonutrient-enhanced animal feed is expected to grow. This trend is expected to result in an increased need for phytonutrients in the animal feed industry in the foreseeable future.

Report Scope and Market Segmentation

Report Metric


Forecast Period

2022 to 2029

Base Year


Historic Years

2020 (Customizable to 2014-2019)

Segments Covered

Type (Flavonoids, Carotenoids, Polyphenols, Alkaloids, Phytosterols, Vitamins, Monoterpenes, Resveratrol, Phytoestrogens, Isothiocyanates, Allyl Sulfides, Glucosinolates, Lignans, Betalains, and Others), Source (Spice, Herb, Flower, Tea, Fruit, Vegetables, Cereals, Legumes, Oilseeds, and Marine Plant Extracts), Form (Liquid and Dry), Category (Organic and Conventional), Nature (Blended and Pure), Application (Food Products, Beverages, Nutraceuticals and Dietary Supplements, Cosmetics And Personal Care, Animal Feed, Pharmaceuticals, and Others),

Countries Covered

Germany, U.K., Italy, France, Spain, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, Russia, Denmark, Sweden, Poland, Turkey and Rest of Europe

Market Players Covered

Merck KGaA  (Germany), DSM  (Netherlands), ADM (Archer Daniels Midland)  (U.S.) , BASF SE  (Germany), Cargill Incorporated  (U.S.) , Cyanotech Corporation (U.S.) , Sabinsa (U.S.) , Ashland  (U.S.) , IFF Nutrition & Biosciences (now part of IFF Inc.)  (U.S.) , AOM  (France), ConnOils LLC (U.S.) , Lycored  (Israel), NutriScience Innovations, LLC (U.S.) , Prinova Group LLC (U.S.) , DÖHLER GMBH (Germany), GUSTAV PARMENTIER GHMB  (Germany), Elementa (U.K.), MANUS AKTTEVA BIOPHARMA LLP (India), DYNADIS (France), Matrix Fine Sciences Pvt. Ltd (India), Vitae Caps S.A.  (Switzerland), ExcelVite  (Malaysia),Aayuritz Phytonutrients Pvt. Ltd. (India), BTSA  (Spain), Kothari Phytochemicals International (India), Hindustan Herbals (India), Brlb International (India), Bio-India  (India), Biologicals (BIB) Corporation (U.S.) among others            

Data Points Covered in the Report

In addition to the insights on market scenarios such as market value, growth rate, segmentation, geographical coverage, and major players, the market reports curated by the Data Bridge Market Research also include in-depth expert analysis, geographically represented company-wise production and capacity, network layouts of distributors and partners, detailed and updated price trend analysis and deficit analysis of supply chain and demand.

Segment Analysis:

The Europe phytonutrients market is segmented on the basis of type, source, nature, category, form, function, and application.

  • On the basis of type, the phytonutrients market is segmented into flavonoids, carotenoids, polyphenols, alkaloids, phytosterols, vitamins, monoterpenes, resveratrol, phytoestrogens, isothiocyanates, allyl sulfides, glucosinolates, lignans, betalains, and others.
  • On the basis of source, the phytonutrients market is segmented into spice, herb, flower, tea, fruit, vegetables, cereals, legumes, oilseeds, and marine plant extracts.
  • On the basis of nature, the phytonutrients market is segmented into blended and pure.
  • On the basis of category, the phytonutrients market is segmented into organic and conventional.
  • On the basis of form, the phytonutrients market is segmented into dry and liquid.
  • On the basis of function, the phytonutrients market is segmented into the immune system, vision, skin health, bone health, cardiovascular health, anti-cancer, lung health, blood vessel health, woman health, anti-cholesterol, and others.
  • On the basis of application, the phytonutrients market is segmented into food products, beverages, nutraceuticals and dietary supplements, cosmetics and personal care, animal feed, pharmaceuticals, and others.

Major Players

Data Bridge Market Research recognizes the following companies as the major Europe phytonutrients market players in Europe phytonutrients market are DYNADIS (France), Matrix Fine Sciences Pvt. Ltd (India), Vitae Caps S.A.  (Switzerland), ExcelVite  (Malaysia),Aayuritz Phytonutrients Pvt. Ltd. (India), BTSA  (Spain), Kothari Phytochemicals International (India), Hindustan Herbals (India), Brlb International (India), Bio-India  (India)

Europe Phytonutrients Market

Market Developments

  • In November 2022, Artemis International unveiled a novel phytonutrient ingredient named BerryActive5, comprising extracts from elderberry, blueberry, cherry, cranberry, and aroni. This innovative blend is designed to fortify various food and beverage products. Including these diverse berry extracts demonstrates Artemis International's commitment to offering a wide array of phytonutrients with potential health benefits, catering to the ever-growing demand for natural and nutritious additives in the food and beverage industry
  • In December 2021, Merck KGaA significantly expanded its strategic corporate venture capital arm, M Ventures, by allocating €600 million for investments. This substantial investment has enabled the company to increase both the quantity and scale of its assets, further supporting its strategic growth initiatives. M Ventures is well-positioned to pursue innovative opportunities and partnerships in line with Merck KGaA's commitment to advancing breakthrough technologies and ventures
  • In December 2020, Merck KGaA expanded its production facilities in the United States, focusing on its life sciences businesses. This strategic move aimed to boost production capacity and output, with anticipated completion by the end of 2021 and 2022, respectively. Furthermore, this expansion initiative led to the creation of approximately 700 new manufacturing roles. By broadening its geographical footprint through these enhancements, Merck KGaA aimed to strengthen its presence and capabilities in the U.S. market
  • In March 2021, DSM expanded its product portfolio by introducing ample-D, a vitamin D supplement that offers three times faster absorption than conventional alternatives. This innovative launch took place in Australia, marking a significant addition to DSM's nutritional offerings. The introduction of ample-D showcases the company's commitment to advancing nutrition and caters to the growing demand for effective and accessible vitamin D supplements in the market

Regional Analysis

Geographically, the countries covered in the Europe phytonutrients market report are Germany, U.K., Italy, France, Spain, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, Russia, Denmark, Sweden, Poland, Turkey and Rest of Europe

As per Data Bridge Market Research analysis:

Germany is the dominant region in Europe phytonutrients market during the forecast period 2022-2029

Germany dominates the European phytonutrients market, leading in market share and revenue. This supremacy is poised to persist throughout the forecast period. The region's growth is anticipated to fuel a surge in the utilization of phytonutrients in cosmetic formulations and dietary supplements. Germany's stronghold in the market underscores its pivotal role in shaping the trajectory of the phytonutrient industry as demand escalates for these natural compounds in diverse sectors, promising sustained expansion.

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