EnviroFlight, LLC, Protifarm, AgriProtein are Dominating the Global Insect Protein Market in 2019

Global Insect Protein Market is expected to grow with the CAGR of 24.2% in the forecast period of 2020 to 2027. The years considered for study are as mentioned below.

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Global insect protein market is a highly consolidated market, which includes specific number of key players as well as local players. The market has witnessed increased strategic developments owing to favourable market scenario.

The major players dealing in global insect protein market are introducing strong range of product portfolio. This helped companies to maximize the sales with enhanced product portfolio.

EnviroFlight, LLC is the dominating player in the global insect protein market. The other key players existing in the market includes Protifarm, Aspire Food Group, Entomo Farms, PROTIX, Ÿnsect, Seek Food, Thailand Unique, Haocheng Mealworms Inc., BIOFLYTECH, Entobel, AgriProtein, Innovafeed, Hexafly, Insectum, Entocycle, Chapul Cricket Protein and nextProtein among others.

Insect Protein Market EnviroFlight, LLC

EnviroFlight, LLC founded in 2009, in the U.S. The company is engaged in the manufacturing and distribution of feed and fertilizers made through black soldier flies. The product categories that company is offering are poultry, aquaculture, pets, exotics, young animals, fertilizer among which pets, fertilizer are market focused categories.

The company has wide global presence in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific.


Protifarm founded in 2015 and is headquartered in Netherlands. The company offers products such as our adalbapro products, adalbapro health benefits & inspiration, legislation adalbapro, and our pet food solutions. Among which adalbapro products, adalbapro health benefits & inspiration, legislation adalbapro, our pet food solutions is the market focused category.

For instance,

  • In March 2020, Protifarm announces that they have received an award from Blue tulip awards and secure the 10th position in the annual program. Through this the company will able to gain more trust of its customers

The company is having its presence in Netherlands.


Agriprotein founded in 2008 and is headquartered in the U.K. The company is engaged in recycling of food waste by using insect technology and converts it into insect protein for application into pet food, aquaculture and other. The company offer product such as feed and manure among which feed is our market focused category.

For instance,

  • In December 2018, AgriProtein announces the acquisition of Millibeter N.V. (Belgium) to enhance its business in European region with the help of new technology obtained from the Millibeter N.V.

The company has wide global presence in North America, Europe, Africa and Asia-Pacific.