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May, 03 2024

Advanced Enzyme Technologies, DUPONT NUTRITION & HEALTH, Novozymes, are dominating the market for North America Baking Enzyme market in 2017

Advanced Enzyme Technologies:

Advanced Enzyme Technologies is incorporated in 1989 and headquartered in Mumbai, India. Advanced Enzyme Technologies is engaged in the research and development, manufacturing and marketing of 400+ proprietary products developed from over 65 indigenous enzymes & probiotics. The company operates in four main segments such as Human Nutrition, Animal Nutrition, Food Processing and Non-food Processing and the market focused segment is Food Processing.

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The company serves its products and services in different region such as Asia, America and Europe. The company’s subsidiaries include Advanced Enzymes(Malaysia) Sdn.Bhd (Malaysia), Advanced Enzymes USA (U.S), Advanced Enzymes Europe BV (Netherlands), JC Biotech Private Limited (India), Advanced Vital Enzymes Limited (India) and others.

  • In August 2017, Advanced enzyme technologies announced that its subsidiary Advanced Enzymes Europe B.V. entered into an agreement with Evoxx Technologies GmbH (Germany) to acquire the whole 100% stack with USD 9.16 Million. With this agreement company will strengthen the R & D capacity in Europe market.


DuPont Nutrition & Health is founded in 1989 and headquartered in Denmark. Company is engaged in manufacturing ingredients for food, beverage, and pharmaceutical and dietary supplements industries. The company offers products in different categories such as Agricultural Products, Food & Personal Care, High Performance Materials, Industrial Biotechnology, People & Process Safety, Polymers & Fibers and the market focused category for enzymes are Food & Personal Care.

The company serves its products and services in different region such North America, Middle East and Africa, Ocenia and Europe.

  • In June 2018, DuPont Nutrition & Health have announced the launch of their new enzymes within the DuPont Danisco POWERBake designed for the bakery industry. The launch of the product will help bakery manufacturers for the development of the bakery goods.
  • In February 2018, DuPont Nutrition & Health announced the development of its product range DuPont Danisco POWERBake 6000 which is dough strengthened to enhance the ability such as with the emulsification process, improved tolerance to processing variations and raw materials, enhancing the volume of the processed products and maintains the crumb structure. This development of the product will overcome the challenges of the bakery industry.


NOVOZYMES is founded in 2000 and headquartered in Bagsvaerd, Denmark. Novozymes is engaged in manufacturing and selling of industrial enzymes and microorganisms. The company operates in five main segments such as Household Care, Food & Beverages, Bioenergy, Agriculture & Feed and Technical & Pharma and the market focused segment for bakery enzymes are Food & Beverages.

The company serves its products and services in different region such Asia-Pacific, North America, Latin America, Europe and Middle East Africa. The company’s subsidiaries include Novozymes BioAg Limited, Natural Industries, Inc., Delta Biotechnology Limited, Novozymes Biologicals, Inc., Pacific Vet Group-USA, Inc. and others.

  • In November 2013, Novozymes, announced the launch of their two products Novozymes Sensea and Novamyl 3D, which helps to maintain the freshness of the breads and bakery products. These two product ranges tends to improve the moist content, texture and elasticity of the product.

Market Developments:

  • In October 2018, DSM N.V. announced the launch of CakeZyme enzymes, CakeZyme Smart, CakeZyme Sublime, CakeZyme Majestic, which provides the better quality to the bakery products by maintaining the emulsion stability, heat stability and lowering the application of eggs. The lipase enzyme of the CakeZyme Sublime with advanced technology acts as emulsifier in the product and maintains firming of starch in the cakes.
  • In September 2018, Brenntag AG announced the opening of Food & Nutrition Application & Development Center in North America. The opening will make benefits to the customer of north America with the valuable and technical food team of the company.
  • In March 2018, AB Enzymes announced to launch a guideline for the safe handling of enzymes in the bakery supply chain. This guideline provides practices to the specific industry for safety purpose while handling products which contains enzymes.
  • In January 2018, AB Enzymes announced the opening of their new distribution center in North America to their enzymes customers. This installation of the new centre strengthens the company supply chain in the North America region.
  • In May 2017, Caldic B.V. announced the expansion of their product portfolio in the Canada Nu-World Foods. This range of the product includes pre-gel powders, popped ancient grains, and organic toasted flours. All these products are gluten free and company has expanded their product portfolio by keeping the health concerns of the consumers.

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