COVID-19 Impact on Pharmaceutical Packaging in Chemicals and Materials Industry

COVID-19 Impact on Global Mobile Robot Charging Station in Semiconductors and Electronics Industry

  • Semiconductors and Electronics
  • Sep 28, 2020

Coronavirus outbreak impacted almost first half of the global economy by initiating lockdown to control the spread of virus almost in every country. Governments of various countries initiated lockdown for certain period to reduce spread formed by the human physical interaction. Manufacturing facilities, sport, entertainment, transportation and other industries are shut downed for certain period excluding only companies which are dealing with COVID-19 are allowed to run their operations. Now after almost six months of the year 2020 the manufacturing facilities and other industrial verticals are restarting their operations with some mandate precaution measures. Market players with limited resources such as 20%-50% employees on the field, social distancing, extreme hygiene measures and others highlighted the importance for automation. Coronavirus outbreak impacted almost entire industrial sector but its created opportunity for charging mobile stations to grow rather than declining. As market players or service sectors are replacing the human resources with the robots in the field such as COVID-19 detecting robots, automatic robotics arms at manufacturing, delivery drones and others the demand of supportive charging solution is also increasing. The visibility of advanced charging solution is increased as the importance of robotics solution is increased to control such pandemic situation. Space is big constraint for the industries and maintaining physical distancing as the new regulation is not feasible for the every organization, hence to resolve this issue currently robotics and automation are prominent solutions for almost every industry and service sector from grocery store to manufacturing plant.  

Market players, hospitals are adopting the robotics into the operational field in this COVID-19 situation such as SMP Robotics Systems Corp. a market player offered a disinfectant spraying robot S8.2 for the COVID-19 operations. The mobile robot comes with an advanced charging station such as automatic charging/refueling station.  


COVID-19 created major impact on the manufacturing industry as the plants are shut down for the certain period which decreased the production volume. Similarly it hampered the mobile robot charging station production and reduced the sale. On other hand it increased the importance of the contactless mobile charging station to eliminate physical contact, human task and others. The importance or picture of the mobile robots, automation and other technologies gained more visibility in the customers mind. Contactless charging stations witnessed tremendous development in the automotive, healthcare and verticals.   

For instance,

  • In June 2020, WIBOTIC a market player introduced new charging technology for the autonomous mobile robots market.  A new wireless charging and power optimization solutions for mobile robots offers the contact-less charging of AMR batteries. Through this company introduced advanced charging solution for the market which eliminates the physical contact and lower the spread of coronavirus.  
  • In April 2020, Airways International, Inc a market player announced the launch of autonomous charger robot for the Chinese and European market. A new charging mobile robot station is developed by the company for the electric vehicle application. Through this company enhanced their offering for the automotive industry which will help them to increase the customer base.

Similarly the demand for the autonomous charging portals is increasing for the automotive application.

For instance,  

  • In December 2019, Volkswagen AG, a market player introduced new charging solution for autonomous vehicles through mobile robots with advanced charging technology. The new mobile robot comes with flexible charging station. Through this, the company has enhanced the service and support for electric vehicles charging through mobile robots charging stations.

Such technological development in the charging stations and mobile robots is creating ample of opportunity for the market for autonomous vehicle robots charging solution market. 


The market players have strong opportunity to increase their presence and share in the market by introducing advanced solution for the customer. A mobile robot charging stations has strong opportunity to develop the solution for automotive, contact less and other application. Customers are demanding the advanced and affordable solution as the importance of robot in pandemic situation has been increased for industrial, healthcare, disinfection and other applications.

To form Strategic Partnership for the Development

For instance,

  • In July 2020, WIBOTIC a market player formed partnership with the Ubiquity Robotics Inc., a provider of development platform. The new technology developed through partnership offers the navigation for Magni robot to reach the charging station. Through this company strengthened the product portfolio for the customer with advanced and affordable solutions.      

Development of New Solution for the Market 

For instance,

  • In June 2020, Resgreen Group, a market player announced a large investment in the mobile robot solution development. A new autonomous mobile robot (AMRs) will be developed having the advanced feature of opportunity charging system. The portable charging station which allows several times charging of the vehicle during a shift at stations. This new technology is supposed to help the company in forecasted periods as electric vehicles market is growing at significant rate.


Mobile robots and charging station technology has strong demand in the market owing to increased demand for the contactless solution to lower the spread. Automation is major demanding solution in the market as it supports industry 4.0 revolutions due to which market is supposed to grow with significant rate. The COVID-19 further enhanced the importance for robots which is augmenting the market growth and supposed to increase CAGR in forecasted period of the 2020-2027.

FIGURE 1 Worldwide Supply of Industrial Robots


The pandemic situation increased importance of contact less charging stations and mobile disinfecting robots to replace complicated task of humans. Rising awareness about the mobile robots and advanced charging solutions among customers and government is supposed to supplement the growth of market in the forecast period. Overall market has strong opportunity ahead to increase their presence and target the untapped market for the mobile robots charging stations. Rising importance and development of the solution for new application is supposed to drive the market growth in forecasted period.