COVID-19 Impact on Pharmaceutical Packaging in Chemicals and Materials Industry

COVID-19 Impact on the Inkjet Printers in Semiconductors and Electronics Industry

  • Semiconductors and Electronics
  • Jan 14, 2021

COVID-19 Impact on the Inkjet Printers in Semiconductors and Electronics Industry

The COVID-19 created a pandemic situation all over the world and to date, the vaccine for people to prevent Coronavirus isn’t yet observed. The growing unfolds and uncontrollable impact on human existence is hampering the economic system of the countries. Governments are taking preventive measures to decrease the effect. The demand for food has witnessed a tremendous increase in addition to the shortage of supply which results in a panic situation for the buyer. The need for protection measures and sustainable solutions has been created for the marketplace. The COVID-19 has an important impact on the inkjet printers market place as the industries are providing brand new revolutionary technology and improvements in the inkjet printers. Many industries are developing advanced solutions for their clients through new product development, partnerships, and joint ventures. The call from the college, schools have come to halt as the governments have imposed lockdown situations which were a high time for the printing industry as new academic was about to start. Virtualization has impacted a lot to the commercial printing industry as all the printing industries stopped working.

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Industry is expecting a transition to the automation in the printing industry to gain momentum and at least print jobs will come back. As automation process also require skilled workforce which will surely come back. The producers of printed matter related to medicines, cleaning products and food are doing well.


The COVID-19 created a major impact on the manufacturing operations as the governments of various countries highlighted the importance of health and safety which increased demand for smart solutions at manufacturing operations. Companies are taking preventive measures to run their manufacturing operations after the pandemic situation to safeguard their employees and their family. Governments are playing a major role to support employees who have lost their jobs in such a pandemic situation as well. New organizations are actively using online tools and resources to manage operations, connect with stakeholders, and sustain business as usual.

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The players in this printing space are continuously innovating and adding new services to their existing portfolio and transforming their businesses into a digital-first model. They are continuously serving their clients using a new set of technology and app-based services. Many players are taking their services online and meet client’s requirements digitally by ensuring safety.

The customers started to use various available technology and other services for productivity. The digital transformation started to become a prominent solution for the customers which created major opportunities for the inkjet printers market. Governments are playing a major role to support employees who have lost their jobs in such a pandemic situation as well. New organizations are actively using online tools and resources to manage operations, connect with stakeholders, and sustain business as usual.


The implementation of protective measures in the factories and industries with safe operations has resulted in the opportunities in the printing industry those which have suffered. There are sturdy opportunities available inside the market and several groups are already witnessing the demand for the inkjet printers market. This has also created an opportunity in the market for workers to upgrade their skill set and can be future-ready for any kind of uncertainties. By training these professionals, companies are striving to equip their most important assets with the right set of tools.

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Replika Press Pvt. Ltd. has installed the VarioPrint i300, an inkjet digital printer. This solution offered by the Canon is the forefront of inkjet technology in the printing market.

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Printer maker Epson India has reported a surge in sales during COVID-19 due to work-from-home (WFH) and e-learning consumers. In April to June quarter, the company sold 53% of last year’s volume, while the sales rose to almost 90% in the second quarter. Due to low cost and high yields, home consumers preferred high-capacity ink-tank inkjet printers.


The companies have taken many strategic decisions to gain market share after COVID-19. The heavy investments were done in the R&D department to launch new products and technologies. The new solutions along with new ideas were developed by the companies. The demand for goods through e-commerce sites has soared but will likely continue and also demand flexible packaging has increased which is hygienic due to limited handling.

Developing New Solution

In September 2020, India’s most reputed and leading printing service Replika Press has installed Inkjet printer and becomes first company to adopt inkjet printer technology adopter in inkjet technology market.

Offer New Services to Manage the Inkjet Printers

Book printing is a maturing area for inkjet printing, while magazines and catalogues are seeing strong growth. The commercial print applications of inkjet printers are highly increasing with the increase in high-speed presses. The early adopters benefit by developing new services for customers.

Other Growth Opportunities for Market Players to Pursue in 2021

Big data, the internet of things and digitalisation of both print processes and packaging are the main drivers of the inkjet printers market. The inkjet printers can print the content on demand, thereby allowing print companies to achieve efficiency in production and supply chain.


The COVID-19 lockdown imposed by the governments of the countries had adversely impacted the prices of inkjet printers. The prices of the inkjet printers were set according to the demand from the customers who were working from home.


The importance of inkjet printers is increased in COVID-19 situation as demand for the digital printing technology having better safety measures and remote operating is increased. The COVID-19 created strong opportunity for the printing industry as people working from home has huge demand for inkjet printers.


The COVID-19 pandemic has adversely affected the supply chain market which results in the shortage of supply of parts, services which were provided by the companies. The supply chain market also gets affected by the high costs of the printer and its ink.


The pandemic situation created by COVID-19 has major impact on the inkjet printers market as it increased the importance of remote operating and digitalization. In addition, potential of digital printing solution to overcome the situation with by remote management is accelerating the market growth. The developed nations such as the U.S. and European countries are had strong adoption rate owing to growing awareness about technologies while lack of awareness and affordability is limiting the growth in developing nations.